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We specialize in obtaining enforceable IP rights to protect innovations and investments worldwide. We also enforce your intellectual property rights and defend you in any action alleging infringement of other's intellectual property rights. With a wealth of experience, we have been able to effectively service our clients that range from multinational corporations to smaller domestic clients. In matters pertaining to patents, trademarks, copyrights, patent office trials, and litigation, we are your experts, ready to serve.

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NSIP Law is your partner in securing innovations and formulating intellectual property strategies. We are a full-service firm with the experience and vision to maximize the development and value of your Intellectual Property portfolio.

Meet our team

  • Aaron Walker

    Aaron Walker

  • Alan I Cantor

    Alan I. Cantor

  • Andrew F. Bodendorf

    Andrew F. Bodendorf

  • Brandi M. Brenner

    Brandi M. Brenner

  • Brian Hairston

    Brian Hairston

  • Charles A. Greene

    Charles A. Greene

  • Charles Y. Park

    Charles Y. Park

  • Jerome Y. Kim

    Jerome Y. Kim

  • Jerrick J. Ho

    Jerrick J. Ho

  • Jonathan D. Schlaifer

    Jonathan D. Schlaifer

  • Jong Ho Lee

    Jong Ho (Hank) Lee

  • Joseph Conte

    Joseph Conte

  • Laura S. Chung

    Laura S. Chung

  • Luke Y. Choi

    Luke Y. Choi

  • Mark Wallerson

    Mark Wallerson

  • Paul Grandinetti

    Paul Grandinetti

  • Randall S. Svihla

    Randall S. Svihla

  • S Mahmood Ahmad

    S Mahmood Ahmad

  • Shabnam Nowrouzi

    Shabnam Nowrouzi

  • Stephen T. Boughner

    Stephen T. Boughner

  • Thomas Matikainen

    Thomas Matikainen

  • Wale Godo, Jr.

    Wale Godo, Jr.

  • Yuan Z. Han

    Yuan Z. Han

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    NSIP Law is a full service IP firm that specializes in the procurement, defense, and enforcement of IP rights to protect innovations and investments pertaining to patents, trademarks, and copyrights.


    Coming from a wide range of backgrounds, our intellectual property attorneys bring a wealth of experience in varied technologies and legal matters. 


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