Thomas Matikainen

Mr. Matikainen's practice includes all aspects of patent preparation and procurement. His experience includes patent prosecution, trademark matters, and litigation before the United States International Trade Commission. His patent prosecution experience includes a wide range of technologies related to mechanical and electrical arts.

Mr. Matikainen served as the Vice President of the Intellectual Property Law Society and was an active member of the Intellectual Property Brief during law school.

Technical Expertise

  • Laser printer components
  • Camera image sensors
  • OLED thins-film deposition
  • Robotics automation


  • Laser printer components
  • Camera image sensors
  • OLED thin-film deposition
  • Robotics automation


  • Washington, D.C., Bar


  • American University, J.D., 2015
  • The State University of New York at Buffalo, B.S. 2012 (cum laude)


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